Policy papers and articles

This is a policy paper which I sent to the Defense Minister on May 2015. It state suggestions on how we can develop a robust Indian Defense Industry

This note tells in detail what are the skills we require in order to make Digital India project successful

These are the recommendations/comments  suggested to NITI Aayog on the issue of Skill Development for inclusion in the draft report on “National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015”

This note illustrates the skill development opportunities at Odisha

This is a note I shared with the Punjab CM regarding the Skill development in the Agriculture and Rural Sector

This policy paper discusses the policy ideas which India can implement to develop skills on a large scale for building and managing our cities


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Demographic Dividend Research Foundation (DDRF) is an organization which is focusing its energy on doing research and giving valuable inputs to the various stakeholders who are related to skills and talent development in a country. It aims to give direction to the upcoming demographic capital of various countries and thus engaging them fruitfully for the benefit of their own selves, their country and the whole world. Various articles, presentations and videos will be displayed on this website in relation to skills development and emerging Technologies.